Sunday, December 28, 2014

How to Choose a Kickboxing Gym in 7 Simple Steps - by John Nottingham

So you're looking for a Kickboxing classes.  Maybe you want a butt-kicking workout or learn how to kick butt.  Choosing a Kickboxing gym, fitness kickboxing classes or a cardio-kickboxing workout can be whole lot easier if you know these steps.  Use this checklist to save time and avoid making costly mistakes in choosing your place to learn and train.

#1  Not All Kickboxing Classes Are Equal
First realize that the idea of a best kickboxing place really doesn't exist.  The key is to find a kickboxing program that is best for you.  What is best for you is determined by your goals, location and personality.  More important than the place is the particular instruction and experience you will get in your kickboxing classes.

#2  Identify Your Goals
Start by reading up on kickboxing and determining your goals.  Why do you want to take kickboxing?

[  ]  Bored with the gym & looking for something new or stimulating
[  ]  Looking for a method of cross training
[  ]  Want to learn a new skill
[  ]  Social goals : meet new people, workout with friends
[  ]  Competition : MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing
[  ]  Weight loss or fitness
[  ]  Burn fat and shape the body
[  ]  Get toned, gain strength
[  ]  Build cardio
[  ]  Build confidence

#3  Do Some Research Online
Determine locations, specialties, coaches and instructors, read online reviews, and narrow down your search.  This helps save a lot of time and provides important background information.  Google, Yelp, Kudzu, Angie's list, and the BBB are all easily accessible online sources of consumer reviews and ratings.

Note also how they handle negative reviews as this is a strong indication of how they will handle your complaints or concerns.

#4  Visit Several Gyms and Observe Classes
Visiting kickboxing facilities will help you determine atmosphere, cleanliness, layout, equipment and the type of clientele to which they cater.  From adequate parking, lighting to clean mats, gear and professional coaches, you can quickly get an idea for what they emphasize.

Make sure they have a convenient schedule that fits your needs, a strong emphasis on cleanliness, safety and service.  Ask detailed questions about curriculum, coach credentials, experience, years in business, contracts, terms, additional fees and reputation.

#5  Try It Out
Trying kickboxing classes is like going to a restaurant and sampling the chef's cooking.  You can only determine so much by reading the history, menu and reviews.  Being able to actually experience the level of service, curriculum, instruction, and environment is invaluable in making a good choice for a place to train.

Most quality programs have confidence in their ability to earn your trust and business and offer a trial course with minimal commitment.  You may even look for coupon sites such as Groupon or Living Social for starter deals that save you money.

#6  Talk With Members
Every kickboxing gym has a culture.  Get a feel for the culture of the school to see if it matches what feels right for you.  Some are more athletically inclined like a fitness gym, or like a team, yet others are more militaristic or even laid back.

Like tends to attract like so if you have a tough-guy or highly competitive culture in the gym, it makes sense that it will attract more of the same.  If you are looking for a more relaxing place, then it is important to give yourself permission to move on.

One culture is not necessarily better than another, it depends on the environment that will best motivate you.  As long as the facility makes safety, communication, cleanliness and quality their priorities, you can achieve your goals.

#7  Set a Goal With Coaches
Once you feel comfortable with a kickboxing gym or program, make a point to discuss your goals with the coaches and get on a path toward a specific objective.  One of the reasons most people fail to reach their goals in a typical fitness gym is that it is self service and they never determine a specific goal or plan for training.  Chart a path for your success that keeps you accountable, growing, learning and happy.  This will prevent the most common pitfalls and wasting your time and money.

Now all you have to do is show up.  You can't make progress on the couch so develop a dedicated routine of assigned days and times that you won't miss.  Decide in advance that those are your days and that is your required schedule.  This prevents the common pitfall of coming home tired from work and making a decision if you should go or not.  Imagine how you'll feel after the training and down the road in your swimsuit.  You're worth it so get to class and kick, punch, elbow your way to the new you!

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